Master thesis about Drons for logistics
Master thesis about Drons for logistics
Master thesis about Drons for logistics

April 2021

T. Apanasevic, J. Li, and M. Forzati. eFlight: Socio-economic analysis, RISE report,

Stockholm, 2021.

Amomg the findings: Electric aviation may have a number of positive effects for regions and municipalities by creating a perception of destinations as environmentally friendly and sustainable and

boosting tourism by this. Electric aviation can connect the direction east-west in a better

way and open completely new routes. Electric aviation may foster interregional business

development, new logistics opportunities, which would make remote destinations an

attractive place to live and work.

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Master thesis about Drons for logistics

July, 2020

An evaluation of the potential to use drone deliveries as last-mile logistics
In Jämtland

Master’s thesis at Mid Sweden University

Author:  Wout Desloovere

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Presentation Power Point Pilot Study

Dec 1, 2019

Presentation Power Point Short (ENG)

Presentation Green Flyway by Hans Dunder

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