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Green Flyway: Norway, Sweden Create Airspace For Electric Plane Tests



Forbes is an American business magazine. Published bi-weekly, it features original articles on finance, industry, investing, and marketing topics. I January they covered Green Flyway

"The large airspace offers challenging climate and terrain including lakes, forests and mountains. There is point-to-point flying capability between several airports and across a national border with very little interference from other aviation activities."

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Green Flyway procet  (


The project team from Norway was interviewed in Norweigan.The project management group's representatives from Røros Næringshage Jan Henrik Anthun with responsibility for financial management, Maria Engeseth is responsible for marketing and communication, while Hans Petter Kvikne is project manager. In addition, they have hired Tor Odd Iversen project professional.

Fkell-ljom.NO (in Norweigan, use Google translate)

Test of Electric flight Röros-Östersund (


Test of electric aircraft between Røros and Østersund. Soon, electric aircraft will cross the sky in the airspace between Røros and Østersund. This will be a very unique test area for zero-emission aircraft and drones.

SINTEF, (Research News  for its part, needs an arena for testing new technology for demonstration or verification. For example, an aircraft where new types of fuel or energy systems can be tested

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Green Flyway

Unique test arena for Electric aircrafts, UAS, ATS and ground support. 

Located in the middle of Sweden and Norway

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