International test arena for future aviation

Green Flyway is a unique test arena for Electric aircrafts, UAS, ATS and ground support. Located in the middle of Sweden and Norway. Green Flyway provides a cost-efficient test environment for manned electric aircrafts and small, medium sized unmanned Aircraft Systems. We offer an unique test environment which includes Point to Point flying between several national airports, cross border flying, large air space, full size military hangar of more than 10000 sqm.  Two international airports. 


We can arrange demonstrations and support development testing and training courses for both qualified and unqualified systems. 


The Green Fly way Test Arena is leading the way to a new era of integrated airspace. 


We can offer test best possible infrastructure for all testing.


Within the Green Flyway cluster you will find partners representing the whole value chain.- For example SAAB EMC Service and Rolls Royce


Whether you are expanding your business, searching for inspiring technologies or simply looking for attractive opportunities; whether you’re in aero, drone, traffic control or battery industry, Grenn Flyway leading ecosystems have everything to offer.​

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The enlightened spirit of our enterprise is dedicated to connecting investors to opportunity, innovators to facilitators, turning opportunity into action and prospect to profit


What can we do for you

​​Making the decision to invest in a new location can often be difficult, confusing and frustrating. The are so many things to take into account, and so many different options to consider. Here at Green Flyway , we offer a wide range of services to support and optimize your business and testing. In fact, we’ll walk through every step of your investment and testing requirmenst, together.​

A Help with local contacts

Starting a new operation in a new location requites a myriad of information, and you know as much as we do that every detail counts. We’ll help you understand every aspect of your journey here , from the smallest issue to the biggest problem. Laws, regulation, locations, taxes, incentives and costs — we have it all figured out.​

Let´s talk, let+´s meet

You can schedule a meeting, give us a call or leave your details below. You can also meet our Team experts in your region. 

A visit is worth a 1,000 words. Come see for yourself

There’s nothing like an actual tour to make a decision, and Green Flyway has so much to offer for potential companies that want to test and develop their products.

We invite you to come to Östersund, Röros and Trondheim and see what we offer and how the facilities and area will be perfect for you and your company.  Meet the people, see the locations, hear the stories.

Visit Green Flyway area, it’s your first step towards your next investment.​

Green Flyway

Unique test arena for Electric aircrafts, UAS, ATS and ground support. 

Located in the middle of Sweden and Norway

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E-mail: contact@greenflyway.se


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