Test arena

The test arena for electric aircraft

An arena that will fit your needs

The Green Flyway International Testarena is ideally equipped for providing comprehensive support for the development and application of systems.

There are specialized workshops on site to manage equipment. In addition to metrology facilities, software and hardware support are available.

Thus complete development projects can be carried out with minimal legwork and time.

Infrastructure is already here​

  • Triple helix (Working model of innovationbetween  academia, industry and government​)
  • The Green Flyway International Testarena is leading the way to a new era of integrated airspace.

UAS flights at the airport and outer range are treated like any other aircraft and have equal status.

Test programs are facilitated by a progressive yet safe ATC and Range management team who are committed to the success of your development program.

Integration/ Infrastructure

Remote Tower solutions provide a smarter approach to air traffic control by digitising and integrating airport functions.

New technology opens new possibilities. By introducing a completely digitalized panoramic view, a new world of aerodrome control emerges. Saab and the Swedish Air Navigation Service Provider, LFV, have successfully collaborated to put world’s first Remote Tower into operation.

In 2016, a joint venture was founded between Saab and LFV; Saab Digital Air Traffic solutions.

Advantage of remote tower

  • Top class technology
  • Safety enhancements
  • An approved system, already in operation
  • New ways of working for ATCO, technicians and managers
  • Support for airport development, transformation and digitalisation

Our airspace

We offer unique airspace ready to use over great lakes, forest, mountains without interference from other aviation. Unique test arena for Electric  aircrafts, UAS, ATS and ground support.

The arena stretch over two countries and we offer point to point testing.

We work closely with the authorities, universities and industry both nationally and internationally.


  • Three airports
  • Large free air space
  • Tough weather
  • Point to Point
  • Cross boarder

Point to point

We offer point to Point testing between Sweden and Norway with a distance over 180 km.