Test arena Röros (NO)

Röros Norway


We can arrange demonstrations and support development testing and training courses for both qualified and unqualified systems. Green Flyway is fully authorized by the Norweigan authorities to test unmanned systems and manned aircrafts. Furthermore, we will arrange all the permits and approvals required for your specific missions.

Photo by Ole Jørgen Kjellmark 

Short facts 

  • 2500 meter runway, 
  • International airport
  • Hangars and office for testing
  • Hotels and apartments
  • Charging faciltes for plane
  • Offices.
  • plus alot more



First aid and Fire services
During the opening hours of the winter test center, a professional first aid service is in constant readiness on site

Hangar/ Convention center
Hangar and conferance center


Fiber Internet, Telecommunications, Mobile Networks and RTK GPS Coverage 

Workshop service
On request, we offer a variety of services. If you require services of our workshop, please contact us to discuss the scope of work

On request, we can organize accommodations in Röros. You can choose between hotels with standard and VIP rooms or private homes

About the City of Röros, Norway

In the midst of the Røros region lies the town of Røros, which in 1980 was placed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

This mining town began to take form in 1644, when the first copper ore was extracted on the mountain plateau. Before that, there were only a few farms in the area.

When the mining started, there were few people living here. Among the people trying to survive in the mountains with its unforgiving winters, were the indigenous people of Scandinavia, the Sámi. Today, more than 20 Sámi families reside here – actively working with reindeer husbandry.

Today, the small town of Røros is almost like a living museum, and the entire town centre with its authentic wooden structures is protected, with many listed buildings. At the same time, this is also a town in full use with a history that is still unfolding.

More information about the city visit: 


Green Flyway

Unique test arena for Electric aircrafts, UAS, ATS and ground support. 

Located in the middle of Sweden and Norway

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