Facilites Röros (NO)

Facilities Røros (Norway)

Offices (Røros)

We can offer any type of offices to suite your needs

Röros airport

Røros Airport properties are well-kept and adaptable to different types of businesses. In the area is a high-class hotel with restaurant, gym and spa. 



Booth world class hotel and houses next to test arena to stay.

Røros street view

The old mining town of Røros offers many accommodation options. Choose between hotels, apartments, cabins and guesthouses.



We have several large hangars that will fit your needs. 

Røros Airport hangar

A large hangar of about 6000 m². Office with communal areas, large changing rooms with showers and toilets. There are several workshop spaces in the building.
Parking facilities / garage: Good parking facilities.


Technical help

You will find companies representing the whole value chain. 

Røros flyservice

From developers, large Swedish and Norweigan and international corporations, professional private and public user organizations.